Super Mario Maker THE HARDEST COURSE – Lowest Clear Rate (Wii U)

Super Mario Maker THE HARDEST COURSE - Lowest Clear Rate (Wii U)
The Hardest Stage in Super Mario Maker: This level has the Lowest Clear Rate in the in-game Course Search, at 0.00%! It looks impossible at first, but can Mario find a way through on Nintendo Wii U?

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Wii U Frame-Rate Test
Tom and Rich discuss the latest Zelda remaster for the Wii U. It’s a full-fat 1080p, but how’s the frame-rate?

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79 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker THE HARDEST COURSE – Lowest Clear Rate (Wii U)

  1. Adamzone Top Marks the hardest Mario Maker lever is Pit of Panga: U break (11 hours to build and 39 hours to beat)

  2. Man… This poor freaking guy probably took hours to beat 1 course – for us – and It should at least say HOW many clears there are! Like if you agree!

  3. Adam, you're right. This level is very difficult and annoying. I always thought Kaizo was hard, but this is more than just that, It's soul wrecking.

  4. There is no way this is the hardest level. I just beat it in like under 15 tries. There are levels easily harder than this one.

  5. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!! Hi Adam, I'll like you to check out my AutoPixelArt Maker of Mario in Super Mario Maker (Doing Luigi Aswell) If you would like to see it the Course ID is: 13E9-0000-02B8-25C8 and it will be even better old chap if you put it in a top mark of Top Something Creative Mario Maker Levels

    Because, I didn't see anyone else make something like this before and it really means a lot to me if you could put it in a top 10 or something and link my channel that will be awesome! thanks dude love your content! :)

    And I follow you on Super Mario Maker FYI <3

  6. 0.00% doesn't count as the lowest clear rate. There are thousands of ridiculous Japanese levels with 0.00% clear rates. The lowest official clear rate is on Renasu's RenaSpeedrun, which has a clear rate of about 0.000025%.

  7. I was about halfway thru my first playthrough of this game in seven years when this was announced…otherwise, I might have bit down and got it. This is a fantastic videogame, people complain about some silly things but all in all it's one of the best games Nintendo ever made…some great moments.

  8. Alot of people's standards are much too high. Seriously, look at the comments.

  9. The only reason I would have bought this game would be if they made the framerate higher, but instead they added miiverse stamps.

  10. Who wouldn't want to experience games in 60fps? Don't get why people are so opposed to it as if there is any negative sides to it. It makes the entire experience slightly better, and who wouldn't want that?

  11. Yea i'm 4 hours in and the framerate is shit… I don't mind it being 30fps honestly, but it doesn't hit the target consistently. I've had the framerate drop for no reason. When i first opened the chest to get the wooden sword, i swear it dropped. When talking to some NPCs and the camera zooms in, it drops.

    I don't understand how this game can't hit the 30fps target constant. yes its at 1080p, and yes the game looks better than the original from reworked textures and shadows, but this isn't such a huge improvement that the game should be struggling like this.

  12. While I see this game as a stopgap to offset the complete lack of any further details on what was supposed to be the Legend Of Zelda for this generation and the half assed remaster of this game.

    While I am happy to be able to play this game on my Wii U using the Pro Controller, I just feel slighted about the dated character models sticking out like a sore thumb despite the increased texture resolution. You could have done better Nintendo…

  13. urgh WW HD was pretty horrible @ 30 fps + dips, think ill pass on this. sadly…

  14. The game runs at 30 fps…. lmfao. this game, with the visuals it has.. runs at 30 fps. Consoles in general need to learn that 60fps is a thing, given their hardware keeps them back because consoles are so underpowered, but they could have gotten 60 fps out of this. pure laziness.

  15. It really should be 60 FPS, but the framerate isn't the deal breaker here. The deal breaker is the fact that Nintendo has the balls to charge full price for a polished port. Halo Anniversary was 35$ on release, and it had lots of more work put into it than this. I would be fine with a <40 price tag, but 60 bucks is just unacceptable. Yeah, that's also why I have yet to purchase Wind Waker HD.

  16. This game is not a twitch shooter, it doesn't need 60 FPS.

  17. basically this:
    Gamecube: worst looking with 480i 4:3 fullscreen and frequent frame drops throughout the larger areas or areas with lots of/larger objects.
    Wii: Gamecube version with 480p 16:9 widescreen support and some extra bloom effects. Rock solid 30fps 100% of the time.
    Wii U: best graphics with 1080p 16:9 widescreen, revamped textures, more color, better lighting/shadows, higher quality models, all with rare frame drops when lots of effects are being used at once.

  18. iam gonna wait for the REAL Remaster twilight princess FULL HD 60 FPS on Nintendo NX lol

  19. ??? Why are people so mad about 30fps every 3D Zelda game after Majora's Mask has been 30 and it's perfectly fine for these games. Everything in the game is tied to the framerate anyway so they'd have to completely redo the game to get it running at 60 without breaking it.

  20. Has the frame drop issue been fixed? I plan on buying this game and I'm used to 60 fps on PC so it might be a problem if it still runs at 20 fps.

  21. La versione della Wii U ha una grafica migliore e si tocca i 20 frame come minimo ma come massimo arriva a 40 frame e di solito va a 30 frame quindi chiudete quella bocca per favore

  22. WB Montreal suck. First they made this poorly optimized port, then they made that sub par crap called Origins, but still they get to make stuff for Batman games in the form of the Batgirl dlc for Arkham Knight. Why does WB keep them around? Oh yeah that's right, it's WB games, they just make shit lazily, don't fix bugs, and charge you up the ass for dlc/season passes.

  23. Wow at the start of the video i thought its a decent wii u port but then later nope

  24. Well since that comment I bought a Windwaker edition wiiu, and I'm really enjoying it games like Mario cart, bayonetta 2, super smash and so on make it a fun console. While I would be pissed if it were my only console, it makes a great companion console to a one or ps4. But the wiiu offers something different where ps4 and one do a lot of the same things. You get a wiiu for Nintendo first party games for the most part but there are exceptions like bayonetta or xenoblade. It's been like that for Nintendo consoles since the N64 not much 3rd party support. (Cartridges cost $$$ and Nintendo's high licensing fee) CD's were a much better and cheaper option.

  25. I wonder how much it would have cost Nintendo to make the broadway cpu 2.4ghz, up clocking the GPU speed to 650 and another GB of RAM?

  26. Looks like the Wii U version doesn't lock it's Frame Rate, like on other consoles. 

  27. Everyone who constanly call the wii u shit need to shut up becuase its only a terrible well not as bad as coc 2 but bad port from xbone or ps4. I myself have they game and almost never encountered lag probloms other than loading the map. So shut up unless you've played the wii u your slef hands on. Just look at mario kart that shit is running 1080p with a locked on 60 fps. If only companies locked the wii u fps instead of lazy port I'd run more smothly. Than it does.

  28. I dont understand why nintendo wouldnt care one bit about there hardware

  29. Wii U version drops frames when PS3 nd 360 tear frames, pick your poison.

  30. poor wiiu dropping to 20ish fps, they made it backward compatible which also made it weak, same processor as the gamecube and wii pretty much overclocked, has a better gpu than 360 and ps3 but the cpu is a bottleneck for it. Sad should have gave it more power and forgot about the dumb tablet controller. Just got my ps4 man this thing looks cool wish it had more games.

  31. I actually dont mind the 40-28 fps fluctuation its good to have better framerates in close areas. The only thing i dont like is the costumes in the wii u version. Can they be swapped for the other ones?

  32. They should put a stabalizer on the wii u to stabalize the frame-rate. (Im not sure if the thing that keeps the fps at a certain level is called, just thought stabalizer fit in.)

  33. Wii U version has frame drops because of the higher res of the textures and poor optimizing. the Wii U has more Processing Power than both the PS3 and Xbox 360. PS3 has 192 Gflops X360 240 Gflops Wii U 352 Gflops.

  34. Both Call of Duty Wii U games actually look better than their PS3/360 counterparts.

  35. la comparacion grafica entre la Play 3 y el Xbox 360, gana el Xbox 360 porque preste atencion a cada detalle y encima anda a mejores FPS, eso significa que el Xbox 360 esta mejor optimizada que el Play 3

  36. Ps3: from 60fps to 16fps. Very stable performance!! First time in gaming history..

  37. Well , this is what i need to say:

    First i didnt know that consoles played CoD at 60fps(and its really nice), seriously.  I dont play in consoles anymore.

    Now my conclussion:

    *the xbox 360 Is the most stable one (which is strange, because thats the weakest console in this comparison)
    *The WII U has the lowest frame rate but highest graphiccs (is strange because is a new gen console….)
    *The PS3 version can run it at 60fps but is not stable, in some parts of the video you can get 10fps , 15 fps, which you know it ruins the experience

  38. am I the only one to notice that, even despite the horrible capture software used, the WiiU version looks way better than the other two?

  39. How the fuck is PS3 and 360 running at 60FPS they only run at 30fps and also 360 and PS3 have better quality than the Wii U. WTF

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