Shin and Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness Relief

Shin and Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness Relief Julstro Muscular Therapy is a unique series of self-applied techniques developed by the experienced licensed massage therapist, Julie Donnelly the Shin and Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness Relief expert.

For the past 20 years, people from around the world have been benefiting from the Julstro techniques. The benefit has come in the form of hands-on treatment for Achilles tendonitis, shinsplints, stress fractures, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis, and various other joint pains. In addition, relief has come to many individuals from following the Julstro methods of self-treatment taught to them as part of their hands-on session or from the processes outlined within the Julstro™ Self-Treatment System.
Medical research indicates that muscle spasms, also called trigger points, will refer pain and/or numbness to areas that may be far from the trigger point. Julstro Muscular Therapy combines this research with various massage techniques and Julie’s innovative method of therapy. An important aspect of the treatment is to logically link the trigger point to the pain and enhance your body’s ability to heal that area quickly and completely.


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