Reham Khan taunting funny joke on wedding for Imran Khan

Reham Khan taunting funny joke on wedding for Imran Khan
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20 thoughts on “Reham Khan taunting funny joke on wedding for Imran Khan

  1. When someone can not forget someone and regret the mistake committed by him/her do the such kind of acts.
    Being a woman she should avoid such moments as its very personal but she is……………

  2. tujh se tu bashaoor aur izzatdar jamaima Nikli……chup chap alag ho gae…gadhi tu tau roz khud apna mazaq banwa rhi he

  3. Rehaam bb app siraf apna time zaya kar rahi hai or kuch nahi noon wali istimal kar ke choor dain ghey.

  4. reham ki kuss ki qeemat tum kia janu ….yeh ekk kuli chut hai jahan saab nay ghusna hai

  5. Kia bay sharam aurat hai jiss ki wajha se logon ne is ko pehchana uss se shadi kar k talaq lekar us k baray me har jagha baatien banati hai or Woh banda ajj tak is k lryr jagha jagha khra hokar ik baat nhi krta /…. or yh har jagha publicity k leye uss ka naam use kar rahe hai … Afsoos iss aurat par ….

  6. afsoos hota he is ko dekh kar Achi khasi ezat ban gai thi is ki par Allah is ko hidayat de akhir ye bhi kisi ki behn beti he ..

  7. you fucking cunt fake head reham Khan bohat dheet ho tum. what the fuck are you trying to achieve. this dickhead awam only come to your useless speeches so that they can masterbate afterwards. otherwise you are just a non sense miss no body. anyway do the fuck you want to do bug please never ever speak against the great imran Khan.

  8. ka imran khan har sanga dy khu khpal kar e dsa kaly .ghule ye hasem.

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