Panasonic DMR BWT-800 Full HD Blu-Ray 3D Recorder

Panasonic DMR BWT-800 Full HD Blu-Ray 3D Recorder
Here is the new Panasonic DMR BWT-800 Full HD Blu-Ray 3D Recorder, my review is just of the main features, my first video but will aim to get a couple more in the future that are hopefully a little better!

Thanks to the Panasonic Insider Crew for letting me test this product. Will post more as I discover.

20 thoughts on “Panasonic DMR BWT-800 Full HD Blu-Ray 3D Recorder

  1. aonde tem esse aparelho para comprar ….estou no brasil..

  2. Hi great video, I have bought a DMRBWT750GL. I am only just getting familiar with it. I have a quick question, can you record directly from tv without it going to hard drive. i.e. straight from the broadcast to disc (blu ray or dvd).

  3. This is what it means for USA…Aussie are PAL, USA is NTSC NOT compatiable.  They have different electronics, need a converter.  Using recorders (the stand alone that sits next to TV) are hard to find in the USA. That is different from a burner, which is installed in a computer (which will not work on new DVD players hooked to TV.)  Movie industry totally controls us.

  4. I am from USA and seems they stopped making blu ray recorders with HDD. you can record from your HDD until a blu ray discs and DVD discs. Where can I purchase this one? do Panasonic still make them in UK? Is there any new  2015 blu ray dvd recorders with 1tb HDD coming out in UK?

  5. how is the quality of the 2d to 3d conversion if you were to rate it 1 to 10 the higher number being the better quality ,if i do purchase it i would purchase it for this reason but im looking for a really high quality 3d converter


  6. i was going to get one of these but then i got to thinking i dont actually need to spend the money one something with a hdd

    reason being the channels in the uk all have +1 channels where they repeat what u have missed also the main channels like itv, bbc, channel 4 and FIVE all have ondemand where u can watch on my ps3 programmes

  7. Hi I bought the original Model Panasonic Blu-ray recorder DMR BW500 when it came out in mid 2008 and now I am thinking about updating to the new DMR BWT 820 due for release this June. I have a few questions when recording TV programs from the Panasonic's TV guide does it have a series link for programs that are on say once a weeks at a certain and if the TV station moves the start time or day of the program does the series link change the time of the program 100% reliably? I missed many changes

  8. As long as you the Blu Ray disc records it is fine- you can transfer data from camcorder to blu ray disc as one of the features of the unit.

  9. You can definitely transfer from the unit to HDD, simply connect with a USB cable and follow the easy menu format. It doesn't record to folders, however it does group them into types (drama, movies, sports etc).

  10. @TheAquasea it does record series in a folder. Each recurring recording is in a different folder. The recording is not for the series it is based on the day of the week and time and will keep recording even though the series has finished.

  11. can u transfer shows from that recorder to a external HDD?

  12. Please can you tell me – is it possible to copy from the hard disc ONTO an SD card ?

  13. Hi there.
    Please let me know if you record tv programs like a full series. dose it record that series in a folder and anther series in a deffrent folder.
    I have a panasonic HDD DVD Rercorder and it has floders for series like 24 in one then lost in one, so you don't need to look on a list for them.
    thanks for you time.

  14. Hi – have you tried recording from camcorder onto disc using the USB input on front panel? I ready some seriously negative review on this and would be interested in your opinion. I presently use S-video to transfer from my Sony HDD camcorder to my old panasonic DVD recorder. But I note the S -video input in the DMR800 is only located at the back panel.
    Is the DMR-BW880 an upgrade of the 800?
    Do you know of any dvd recorder with a HDMI input to connect to camcorder? Thanks.

  15. hi i have some question is this recorder will work in north america i know is said ntsc do you ever tried to record from actual live 3d tv chanel can it record from 3d to blank bluray or first have to be recorded in hard drive ?

  16. @fukae The DVD component is region free (multi-region) and the Blu Ray is Region B which includes most European, African and southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand. Let me know if you need further info mate!

  17. @auzziekid95 Hey mate, yeah it is exactly like that, but it records straight to the HDD and does a whole heap more. It records Full HD and with the twin tuner it can record 2 channels at once. You can input a huge range of media into it via HDMI, Data cards, SD cards etc. It also can burn everything to BluRay or you can copy it to SD disk.

  18. hey bro… just wondering can u use it like a hauppauge hd pvr… as in its high definition recording (with an input and a output source)?? cheers

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