Malligadu Marriage Bureau Full Length Telugu Movie || DVD Rip

Malligadu Marriage Bureau Full Length Telugu Movie || DVD Rip
Malligadu Marriage Bureau Scenes – Chotu Going To Tank Bund For His Lover

Movie: Malligadu Marriage Bureau
Cast: Srikanth, Manochitra, Brahmanandam,
Director: Uday Raj,
Music Director: Raghu Ram,
Producer: Mallela Sitaramaraju.

Marriages are made in heaven
Kantireppa kottes kunde
Okkasari Oppuko
Nallani Kautuka

Malligadu Marriage Bureau is a complete comedy entertainer movie in which, Srikanth playing a full length comedy role after a long time pairing with Manochitra. Brahmanandam will be playing an important role in this movie. Uday Raj directing this movie under Mallela Sitamaraju production banner. Raghu Ram scored music for this movie

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Tenali Ramakrishna Full Length Telugu Movie || DVD Rip..
Movie: Tenali Ramakrishna,
Cast: N. T. Rama Rao, A. Nageswara Rao, Jamuna, Chittor V. Nagaiah, P. Bhanumathi, Mikkilineni, Mukkamala, Sandhya, Rajanala, Vangara, Surabhi Balasaraswati, Laxmikantam, Ramakoti,
Director: B. S. Ranga,
Music: Viswanathan Ramamoorthy,
Producer: Vikram Productions,
Release date(s): 12 January 1956.

01 Jagamula Dayanele
02 Chandana Charchitha
03 Ichakaalu Naaku
04 Karunaka Santha
05 Ee Valukannulu
06 Jagamulanele (Pathos)
07 Ee Kantalu
08 Aakathayi Pillamooka
09 Chesedhi Yemito
10 Neevega Raja
11 Theerani Naakorikale
12 Hare Raam Hare Raam
13 Velugu Velagaraa
14 Ghal Ghal
16 Taruna Sasanka & Oo Lala Oolala
17 Jhan Jhana Kankanamulu
18 Bhuvana Vijayam 1 (Padyalu – Maatalu)

The Deccan Sultans of Berar, Ahmednagar, Bidar, Bijapur and Golconda who the splinters from the erstwhile Bahmani Sultnate now unite with the common purpose to defeat of Krishnadeva Raya and the conquest of the prosperous Vijayanagaram. They send their stooge Kanakaraj to assassinate Krishnadeva Raya, but Kanakaraj fails in his mission and is put to death. Then they planned courtesan Krishnasini. Krishnasini enters Vijayanagaram, and with her acclaimed dancing skills, manages to elicit the notice of the King, a great connoisseur of arts and beauty. She then plays her cards cleverly and besotted by her intelligent repartees and smoldering sensuousness, the susceptible King is soon a puppet in her hands. Orders are given that anyone who enters their private chamber would be beheaded and the King spends with Krishnasini’s for months. Reports reach the ministers that the Sultans are planning to take advantage of the King’s inaccessibility and launch a combined attack on Vijayanagaram. Worried at the state of affairs, Tenali Raman braves the prohibitory order and enters Krishnasini’s abode dressed as a woman, but all his appeals to the King seem to fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile Queen Tirumalamba falls seriously sick and the King finally comes out of his daze. Once the King is at his wife’s bedside, Tenali Ramakrishna manages to gain entry into Krishnasini’s house again, this time under the guise of an omniscient saint who assures her that he would bring the King back to her. He catches her red-handed with her gang of spies, and signals to the hidden soldiers to surround her. Realized that the game is up, Krishnasini prefers a dignified death. Shocked to see her stab herself, Timmarusu remonstrates with her that she has acted in haste, for the King would have certainly forgiven her.

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Vasu Full Length Telugu Movie || Daggubati Venkatesh, Bhoomika Chawla || Ganesh Videos DVD Rip..
Vasu Full Length Telugu Movie

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Movie: Vasu,
Cast: Daggubati Venkatesh, Bhoomika Chawla, Ali, Sunil,
Director: A. Karunakaran,
Music: Harris Jayaraj,
Producer: K. S. Rama Rao,
Release Date: April 10, 2002.

01 – Sportive Boys
02 – O Prema
03 – Nammave Ammayi
04 – Vaale Vaale
05 – Pataku Pranam
06 – Paadana Tiyaga
07 – Music Bit
08 – Interval Bang Music Bit
09 – Stick Dance Bit
10 – Montage Music Bit

After graduation, Vasu (Venkatesh) runs a college canteen, music school and teaches music for seven years to make his living. His father (Vijay Kumar) is an IPS officer and he wants Vasu to appear for Civil Services examinations to take up IPS career. But Vasu has different plans for his future. He dreams of becoming a musician and a singer.One fine day a young IPS officer comes to Vasu’s places to seek the blessings of Vasu’s father. He admits that Vasu’s father is the source of inspiration for him to become an IPS officer. Vasu’s father, dejected that his son does not heed his advice of giving civils exams, feels bad about his son. Meanwhile, Vasu spots a beautiful girl Divya (Bhoomika Chawla) on the street. He plays every possible trick to woo her. But all his plans backfire on him and make himself a fool in the eyes of Divya.Vasu father spots Vasu bashing the guys up in the streets and asks him to leave the house and stay outside. Vasu leaves the house. Divya comes down to Vasu’s place along with her luggage when Vasu was about the leave the house. Later on, Vasu comes to know that Divya is the daughter of Vasu’s father’s childhood friend. Vasu sees this as an opportunity to get close to Divya. He returns to his home and promises that he won’t touch music again and concentrates only on his studies. But Vasu secretly pursues his music ambitions.Vasu passes the preliminary auditions of Music Talent search conducted by Sony Music Company. When Vasu’s father spots the letter from Sony, he argues with his son and asks him to either be there in house and study for IPS or leave home to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. Divya falls in love with Vasu and vice versa. But they never express their feelings towards each other. Vasu’s sister loves the brother of Divya and its okayed by the parents of both parties. It is also revealed that Divya already Okayed a guy called Manohar by looking at his photograph (this is much before she met Vasu).Now it’s time for the real test. It’s D Day. Vasu is on the stage to prove himself as a singer and musician in the final auditions of Sony Talent Search. Divya is getting married to Manohar on the same day. Vasu’s sister is also getting married to Divya’s brother. Vasu wins the prize at the audition and sits in a park mourning about his Love Failure. Then his Father and sister come and meet him and his father apologizes about his thinking on Vasu’s career. Then it is revealed that Divya didn’t married that day along with Vasu’s sister as she loved Vasu. In the end, the lovers unite and the marriages of the 2 couples are planned to be held on another day.

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