GPU Mode switching for Nvidia GRID 2.0

GPU Mode switching for Nvidia GRID 2.0
Quick overview of the what, why and how of GPU Mode switching from compute to graphics in Nvidia GRID 2.0.

Demo shows Tesla M60 but the same process applies to Tesla M6.
Deva's Cloud Solution with VmWare and Nvidia Nvidia Grid  2.0

Grid 2.0 BTS on the set
A behind-the-scenes look at the sequel to the 2011 short film ‘The Grid’. BTS camera work by Jeff Grillo & Michael J. Barnes. Editing by Michael J. Barnes.

One thought on “GPU Mode switching for Nvidia GRID 2.0

  1. Hi Jason, Thank you for this video post. I would like to know if you could help me out with a Hardware issue using 4 NVIDIA TESLA M60 on a DELL T630 Poweredge.

    My goal is to use one of my 4 TESLA M60 on one VM using DDA (Not RemoteFX).
    I have checked you post on the GRID NVIDIA Forum, I have run the Linux bootable ISO to switch Graphics mode from Compute to Graphics on my 4 TESLAs, unfortunately Once I changed the GPU mode, Server freaked out and I was getting weird hardware errors. I am already in contact with DELL to verify what went wrong.

    My Main question to you is:

    In order to use those GPUs (Or only one) on DDA, Do I still need to Convert the GPU mode from Compute to Graphics and I also Have to "see" the GPU in Hyper-V, even though I am not enabling RemoteFX?

    First time I tried to activate DDA, Everything went perfectly well. I have gone through all powershell commands, I dismounted form Host, I mounted it to my VM, I have installed the same driver on the VM for the Tesla M60, rebooted normally, but unfortuantely once I opened a GPU test, performance was very poor, it seems that the VM was somehow still using the Onboard Hyper-V GPU.

    Do you have any idea what I did wrong?


    Eden Oliveira

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