Darksiders – PS3 vs. PS4 Warmastered Edition Remaster Graphics Comparison

Darksiders – PS3 vs. PS4 Warmastered Edition Remaster Graphics Comparison
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We compare the graphics of Darksiders original on PS3 with the PS4 Warmastered Edition Remaster. The remaster of Darksiders offers cripser visuals upgrading the game to 1080p with 60 fps. It adds better textures, better shadows, optimized rendering and upgraded effects. For PS4 Pro it also adds 4K support.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von Darksiders im Original auf der PS3 gegen das PS4 Warmastered Edition Remaster. Das Remaster vom ersten Teil der Darksiders Reihe verbessert die Auflösung auf 1080p mit 60 fps. Außerdem kommt es mit besseren Texturen, schärferen Schatten, einem optimierten Rendering und verbesserten Effekten. Für die PS4 Pro gibt es außerdem 4K-Unterstützung.

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Captured with Bandicam

Music: Darksiders – Main Theme

System used in this video:
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Our second system:
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500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD
2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX
Windows 10 64bit

20 thoughts on “Darksiders – PS3 vs. PS4 Warmastered Edition Remaster Graphics Comparison

  1. looks nice but rebuy for $40 or even $20 nice? eeeehh not really since I still have my PS3 version
    A great deal for new fans for sure though

  2. I don't care what people say about this remake, but it's beautiful. 😀

    In comparison to the original it's more defined. Like sure the shadowing may be the same, but it's the details of every weapon, structure, enemy and even the outfit of War's hood and suit is well defined and designed.

    Reason why I said "hood" is because in the original it's just a sewed in boarder. But if look closely at the hood with the golden line, you can clearly see a design that probably dictates that it was made in ancient times. Like rune stone design on that single golden line.

    Also in the original it just looked like the human streets were beaten up and pulled out of the ground. But in the Ps4 remake, it shows cuts scratches and more vivid shadow shapes.

    I've played the original before and (not going to lie) it was excellent but in the remake it's well defined. Such as color, shadowing and details on such little things that people care little about like background color and fluid movements in the characters.

    I mean it's beautifully a well done remake in my book. Story didn't change it's still dark in comparison to the original, I truly don't see much to complain about.

    If it's a "remake" it's shouldn't be so different from the original. If many people complain about one thing from the originals (that I took note on), is the game freezing or the animations aren't "defined" well enough to see things like scars or more fluid blood.

    I think it's well done. It met and countered all the compliments from before, so I don't see much to reason for people to "troll" over this remake. The creators have done a beautiful job and I would look forward to playing this again. Also hoping in Darksiders II there won't be a black out every time there's a cut scene which I've seen a lot happened even in gamer's recordings. So far that doesn't seem to be happening in these remakes. Hope my critic was fair and would help people understand why this remake deserves all the praises like before. Even hoping to play 3 and possibly 4 of the Darksiders series and hope to see that day come soon. You guys have a nice evening/day. Peace. : )

  3. this looks a million times better, and those who say it's not are god damn blind

  4. While it's better, it's not really better enough to warrant buying the remastered versions if you already own the originals.

  5. People cry about those remasters but it's not like they are forcing you to buy those games, they are being remastered so people like me who never played can get a chance to experience it.

  6. I couldn't tell the difference at forst but once it got to the stills I could definitely see

  7. I don't really see much difference. The shadows are of course better on the remastered version. I'll get the PC version that's for sure :-)

  8. Ps4 version has better shadows, smoother frame rate, and particle effects. its only downside is it is a bit darker.. other than that they are identical.

  9. Main thing I notice is the PS4 version has a darker contrast that makes the detail more visible. The detail is there in the PS3 version its just not quite as pronounced do to a slight washing out caused by the brighter contrast.

  10. The game of the childhood actually . Few days ago thought about to pass again this game and saw remastered edition. So exciting

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