Build – PC in a Mouse !

Build - PC in a Mouse !
Hardware & software used is below.

Orange Pi Zero (I bought 2, at each)

8Gb micro SD card
About (too much spam on adverts when looking for prices, but Class 10 is recommended)

Logitech optical mouse
Spare broken junk

4.3″ car reversing monitor – .81
Similar model, mine is several months old and was

Rii wireless keyboard/mouse –

PAM8403 based 3W audio amplifier – .74

0.25W speaker
Spare junk pile

Salvaged fan from a graphics card

RetrOrangePi 3.0.1
which includes Armbian 5.25 O/S, OpenElec, Kodi and all the games system + arcade emulators.

Armbian operating system standalone, if preferred

Entry page

7 thoughts on “Build – PC in a Mouse !

  1. What are you using for power supply? It looks like you've connected to 5V and GND on the Pi Zero.

  2. thats pretty sweet actually, for authenticity i would have kept the scroll wheel, cut in half and glued it so it takes no space below but still protrudes on top, nice job though

  3. I suggest trying to make one with a Pi Zero now, and see if you can keep the original mouse internals alive inside 😀

  4. This $8 little computer is now inside something that would normally plug into a PC.
    See description box for parts, software and random price links (video is unsponsored)
    Oh, to add, these run on a USB wall adapter power supply.

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