Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition Comparison

Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition Comparison
Comparing The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition to the original released in 1988.

Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition:

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22 thoughts on “Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition Comparison

  1. So where i live there are no comic book stores with marvel or dc comics i always buy them on a flee market and when i whent to an online store where i lived and saw the comics they had i orderd this comic

  2. i'd like to ask you guys if the deluxe edition is more worth it than the paperback? im sorry i know this is common sense. im worried about the weight and i only collect paperbacks. my order will come after 3 im a bit anxious. lol thanks!

  3. thanks for this video! I like both honestly, but, correct me if I'm wrong, the original should be pretty pricey at this point. I already have the deluxe version, and I'm saving up to buy the Knightfall Saga.

  4. Can anyone else hear the sound of a pencil writing a voice going su, repeatedly @ 5:50 and ends @ 5:59?
    Great video though, I have been waiting to get this novel for a while now, I have decided that I will get the Deluxe Edition.

  5. Ok, so isn't there the original, the deluxe and an infrared-ish version? Like, where the blues and reds are more contrasted? Also, I feel as though the killing joke was one of the… Maybe most iconic books for batman and joker and still is. I knew about it even before I read it as a kid! That sh**t was popular in my neighborhood!

  6. The original version is always better. Because is original. ORIGINAL, it means classic. :)

  7. I got my Deluxe Edition Hardcover of The Killing Joke at Target recently. Reading it was an incredible journey. Alan Moore really wrote one of the definitive Batman stories. Reading the artist's note at the end about the recoloring was very interesting.

    The Deluxe Edition's colors are how the comic was intended to look. More vibrant bright colors and the Joker flashbacks in black and white with increasingly deep red. Brilliant use of color and the artwork is pretty impeccable. The changes were well made. The original used the wrong colors for everything according to the artist. He just didn't have the capabilities back then to fill in the art with the proper colors he wanted, so the original colorer did whatever he thought was best. This is the complete ed.

  8. So I can choose between the hardcover ($23), noir ($39) & paperback ($38). Which one would you recommend and why?

  9. I also have the killing joke deluxe edition, but when I take the cover off its purple instead of black, do you happen to know why?

  10. not be mess up or anything but you don't have the original the original its black and white and more graphic like the nudity scene the original shows a full frontal photo of bat girl and also a twisted bloody scene at the end

  11. Man, in the Brazilian Version, the cover is different and we had a bonus history, "Batman #1" from 1940

  12. Great video! I've actually been wanting to read the original version with the original coloring for a while. I bid on it on ebay a few times but I keep getting out bid lol. I'd love to see you do an episode for Watchmen.

  13. Hey man I have the deluxe edition too, apparently heaps of the deluxe editions had purple or green in the embossed cover, but mine is like yours just plain black, do you know why this is?

  14. today he came to mine and I'm in p 4 at the very side on the left.

  15. Can you PLEASE come to my school Comber Primary?? We would love to see you!!

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